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I am honored to be President of the Plainview Jewish Center (PJC).  Having grown up in West Hempstead on Long Island in a conservative Jewish family, I attended public school and supplemented my religious education through attending Hebrew School (3-days a week at that time).  My father was raised orthodox in Boro Park, Brooklyn and my mother, reform in Elmont.  I have a younger brother, David, who lives with his family in Long Beach.  My family was always very traditional in their celebrations and holidays were (and still remain) a time for family to go to temple and gather together.  I have a very strong commitment to my Jewish heritage and am humbled to be able to make an impact on the Jewish community by serving as PJC’s President.

Having a father who was raised orthodox meant that I did not have a bat mitzvah where I was called to read from the Torah.  Instead, I conducted a Rosh Kodesh service on October 14, 1984.  I learned all parts of the service which helps me to feel very comfortable davening in the sanctuary today.  I attended Adelphi University where I earned a bachelor’s of business administration and New York University where I obtained a master’s of public administration.  I was married to Andy on November 12, 1995 and we lived in Bellmore and Hamilton, NJ before moving to Plainview in the fall of 1999.  In February, 2005, Andy and I were blessed to welcome our daughter, Molly into our family.  We joined PJC in June, 2010 after being invited to join by our friends, David and Sarita Robinson, whose children were (and still are) friends with Molly.

Sarita and I quickly became involved in the parent’s committee of the religious school and I have not stopped my involvement since.  After a few years of serving on the parent committee for the religious school, I became its Chairperson and worked closely with Rachel Ginsburg and Bruce Elowsky for the betterment of the school.  In the Spring of 2014, I received a call from Shea Lerner asking if I would consider a Board position.  I remember feeling so proud.  I immediately called my husband and parents beaming at how I was selected out of so many congregants to be on the Board of one of the biggest conservative synagogues on LI.  I still reflect on that time and smile.  The following year, I was asked to serve as the Sergeant-At-Arms on the Executive Board and discussions began about the 6-year progression to President.  I took on this responsibility enthusiastically and with pride.

In my time on the Board, I also coordinated a synagogue trip to Israel (August 2015), was named Congregant of the Year (September 2015), Chaired the cantor search committee after Cantor Wolk retired, was honored by the Jewish Educators Assembly for dedication to Jewish education, served on many committees and coordinated many events.  I maintain a membership in Sisterhood (with Molly since her bat mitzvah) and have also performed in and supported from the back end many shows of the Patio Players.  I have also made so many wonderful friends through PJC.  The synagogue is truly the center of my community and I am committed to maintaining its status as The Place to Be!

Outside of PJC, I am a Regional Director for Ambulatory Practices with NYU Langone Health, another position which gives me much pride.  I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and committed Jew.  I work hard to live my life under the concept of derech eretz (doing the right thing even when others are not watching) and setting a good example for Molly and others.  Again, I am honored to be your president and look forward to working towards the betterment of PJC.   If anyone would like to reach out, I can be reached at or 347-468-6965.  L’Shalom!

Stacy Meyerson

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