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School Policies and Information

Policy on the Use of Electronic Devices by Students in the Classroom

Electronic devices pose a distraction in school.  To facilitate keeping our students and teachers focused on the lessons in the classrooms, it is the policy of the Arthur Gutmanstein Religious School that that all electronic devices (e.g. smart phone, apple watch, fitbit w/ smart phone connectivity, etc.) not be used during class time.  If an electronic device needs to be brought to school, it is to be turned off by the student prior to the start of class.  Teachers have been instructed to take any electronic device being used without teacher permission during class time.  The device will be kept in the School Office and returned only to an adult after class.  


In the event of any emergency, the school office phone (516-938-8610, ext. 111) is available for both incoming and outgoing calls.  We appreciate every student's and parent's cooperation.

Policy on Food

No food containing tree nuts, peanuts or sesame seeds is allowed in the school. Please read labels and make sure that the food your child brings to school is kosher and peanut free.

Hebrew School Snacks

We are pleased to announce that  PJC offers all students an opportunity to purchase kosher snacks.  For $1.00, they will receive a small bottle of water and a kosher snack of their choosing.  All snacks are nut free and there are both, regular and gluten free snacks available. Students are still welcome to bring their own snacks.  Snacks are sold on Sundays from 8:45-9am and Wednesdays from 4-4:15pm.  There is a table set-up in front of Room 211 and it is staffed by members of our School Committee.  

Grades 3 - 7 Electives

In our continuing efforts to collaborate with you to make our learning environment more enjoyable for your children, we offer a MiniMester curriculum twice during the year for a total of 10 Sundays, starting at the end of October. 


Each session runs for 5 weeks and is taking place during school hours. We are offering cooking, art, pilates, computer skills, music, and activities with our ShinShin.  Each session  will be 40 minutes.  We are really excited to bring in more experiential learning. 

Dismissal Procedures

In general students in all classrooms will be brought to the inside area in front of the Ballroom. Arrangements can be made to accommodate special circumstances.

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"Updated and Expanded PJC Prayers - New Site Available"

Our PJC Prayers website, which features recordings of major prayers for Shabbat and holidays, is now mobile friendly. You can view the prayers in Hebrew and transliteration, play a recording of each prayer as you follow along with the text, and even download the prayers as audio files for practicing on the go. The prayers available now correspond to the PJC Religious School prayer curriculum.


Check it out at:

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