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Write to Israeli Soldiers

Dear Students and Parents,

Here's an easy way to give personal thanks to the brave soldiers who protect and defend Israel.


Go to: and in 1 minute, you can send a care package with a thank you note to a soldier.  This is a mitzvah project that we encourage you to be involved with. Please contact our religious school if you choose to participate. 516-938-8610

Support the Religious School with BoxTops


Clip your Boxtop$ 


Please help our school earn free money

Save box tops from General Mills brand items


You can mail or deposit them in the main office


GOGURT ~ KIX ~ BETTY CROCKER ~ many more....

The Hebrew term derech eretz translates literally as, “the way of the land.” Meaning either what people tend to do or what people ought to do. In common speech, derech eretz means acting decorously and with respect, particularly towards parents, elders and teachers. This is an ancient Jewish principle, but in modern times it has come to mean being a "mentch" and acting in an ethical, responsible and respectful way.

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