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Plainview Jewish Center

Men’s Club.....

     The PJC Men's Club provides financial and program support to congregation and fosters camaraderie among its members. The following are some of the programs we provide, as a group of men who is dedicated to Plainview Jewish Center and its surrounding community.

  • Ushers at all High Holiday Services;


  • Supports the Hebrew School by providing annual High School Scholarships;


  • Provides programs for the congregation including the annual Chanukah and Purim parties; Golf outing; movie night; Texas hold'em night and meet the candidates night, to name a few.


  • Assembles the Sukkah every year for use of everyone in the Shul.

  • Active member of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs, attending monthly meeting and bi-annual conventions to be recognized and awarded the most recent "Quality Club Award";

  • Sponsor and participate in the annual FMJC Worldwide Wrap uniting men, women and children in prayer in a mitzvah experience on how to wrap and properly wear T'fillin;

  • Sponsors weekly Tallis and Tefillah Breakfast every Sunday;

  • Provides PJC congregation families by mailing them each a memorial candle to be used in commemorating  Yom Hashoah;

  • Stage the annual musical show highlighting the talent of many congregants, as we raise funds for the Shul;

  • Raises funds for community charities and has been a main stay of Hatizlu providing assistance to Jewish Families in need.

Plainview Jewish Center

Men’s Club.....

is affiliated with ACHIM, The Federation Of Jewish Men’s Clubs.


$1.00 per year

Advertising Rates:

$50.00 per year

for one-twelfth of page

Please mail copy with your check payable to:


Plainview Jewish Center Men’s Club

95 Floral Drive West

Plainview, New York 11803-2899



Approximately 440 per issue

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