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Arthur Gutmanstein Religious School

A Religious School for Students Kindergarten Through 7th Grade

The Religious School Mission

Gain all-new insight and a unique appreciation of the Jewish lifecycle at the Arthur Gutmanstein Religious School, a division of the Plainview Jewish Center of New York. Our mission is to inspire and nurture in every child a love of Jewish life and learning. The Hebrew School provides an egalitarian, Conservative education for students in kindergarten through high school. Those completing six mandatory years of education are eligible for Bar or Bat Mitzvah at the synagogue. Students are required to begin in the third grade (Gimel).

The curriculum includes Hebrew reading, writing, prayers, Bible stories, and Jewish history. We also teach holidays, the Jewish lifecycle, an understanding of our people's connection to Israel, mitzvot, ethics, and tikkun olam (repairing the world).

Parental input and participation is an essential component of the program. The school offers a variety of programs for parents and students alike, such as Junior Congregation, Family Friendly Friday Night Service (FFFNS)  and family-oriented workshops. We believe in the family learning model and, therefore, try to create programs that involve both the parent and the child learning together.

Hands-on learning with dedicated staff in a nurturing environment that is a part of a warm, friendly Synagogue

Beginning September 2022

  • Children in Kindergarten, First and Second Grades will only cost $360 per child.

  • Children do not have to start Hebrew School until Grade 3 (Gimel).

  • Grades 3-6 meet Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Electives including cooking, art, music, and computers are available 5 Sundays in the fall and another 5 in the spring. Each of these are flexible based on demand.


  • Receive an incentive for referring a family that enrolls/joins

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If you have any questions about the Religious School curriculum please contact: Michal Fruchter,            Education Director at (516) 938- 8610 ext. 110

For more information on membership, social opportunities for our parents and overall synagogue information, please contact: the main office at

 (516) 938-8610.

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A Word from Our Director:


Open Minds Open Doors

I feel fortunate to be able to synthesize my love of Judaism and Jewish education while working in the neighborhood. Plainview and the surrounding towns are home to me, as I have been a Plainview resident for 25 years. In that time, my husband and I have raised three wonderful daughters, formed friendships and are true “Long Islanders”.  Jewish education has always been paramount in our lives, and I have worked in this milieu for over 20 years. I consider myself privileged to now work, live and play all in the same place.  

My goals are far reaching and basic at the same time. Regarding my staff, I mentor teachers as well as learn from them. We encourage a feeling of comraderie and  fostering team spirit. With our students, I enjoy serving as a role model to promote derech eretz (respect and kindness), enthusiasm about learning and positive feelings about Judaism. With our parents, I like to know each and everyone of you and partner in the process of Jewish education, love of Israel and midot (good deeds). And finally, I prioritize building strong working relationships with the many groups and committees within the synagogue.

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