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1. Look for an email with your personalized link to order

2. Select your recipients and pay online

3. Each participating family can pick up 
Shalach Manot box from PJC
with a list of names of those who sent them greetings!

Questions? Email: or call:(646) 338-5130

Mishloach manot (sometimes referred to as Purim baskets) are gifts of food that friends (and prospective new friends!) exchange on Purim. We are instructed in the scroll of Esther (9:19) to send gifts to one another. Jewish families make or purchase mishloach manot  and distribute them to friends. Often presented in baskets, mishloach manot include at least two different types of food, including hamantaschen, the traditional three-sided pastry eaten on Purim.   Many families purchase or bake hamantaschen to include in these baskets and to enjoy at home. Mishloach manot may also include a wide variety of foods and treats. These gifts are frequently referred to by their Yiddish name, shalachmanos.

shalach manot22.jpg

Mishloach Manot FAQs


Are mishloach manot/manos and shalach manot/manos the same thing?

Yes.  It wouldn't be Jewish if it didn't have multiple names!

Why order mishloach manot through PJC Sisterhood?

There are many reasons to order through Sisterhood.  The main reason - because we make it easy for you!  While some people enjoy making and distributing their own mishloach manos, some want to partake in the tradition but don't have the time to bake, buy, assemble and distribute mishloach manot.

When you order through Sisterhood, you do everything online in one simple transaction.  Simply select your recipients and pay online.  Sisterhood does the rest for you!

Looking for another reason?  This is one of Sisterhood's annual fundraisers.  Profits from the sale of mishloach manot allow Sisterhood to continue the good work and programming it does for PJC and the surrounding community,

What happens when I order mishloach manot through Sisterhood?

Sisterhood makes one box of Purim treats for  for every PJC family who receives Purim greetings from friends.  The boxes are available for families to pick up from PJC during the week of Purim. Each box will have a card attached with the names of those who sent them Purim greetings.

If I want to order additional bags to give to family/friends outside of PJC is that possible?

When placing your order using the online system or the paper order form, you can tell us how many additional Purim boxes you want.

We will make them and have them available at PJC during the week of Purim for you to pick up and deliver personally to your family/friends.

What is

Sisterhood uses an online ordering site called to process mishloach manot orders. 


This online tool makes it easy for our members to place orders and pay online.

Every PJC member will receive an email in January with details and a personalized link to order online. 

If you can't find your personalized email, contact Sisterhood at or call (646) 338-5130, and we'll resend your email with your personalized link to order.

I want to order, but I want to pay with a check?

We can accommodate that! 

Simply email or call (646) 338-5130, and someone from Sisterhood will make it possible. 

I want to order, but I don't want to order online?

We can accommodate that, too!  Click here to download a paper order form.  


I still have questions.  Who can I contact?

We know this can be confusing, so we are here to answer your questions or help you with your orders. 

Email or call (646) 338-5130

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